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Updates, features, fixes & improvements

Promote SchoolMaker from your own School

January 9, 2023

You can earn from 20% and up to 40% commission from new SchoolMaker customers you refer, as well as promote SchoolMaker directly from your School. 💰

You can access this directly in your School general settings.

Color customization

January 5, 2023

In SchoolMaker, you now can personalize the color of the part of the school that is visible to your members!

The new SchoolMaker affiliate program

December 30, 2022

With this program, you will be able to promote SchoolMaker, and receive up to 40% commission for life! To learn more about this program click here.

November and December 2022

December 29, 2022

What's new on the product side?

During the last two months, we have accelerated the pace on the functionality side, here is everything you can now find in your school. ✨

An integrated referral system for more sales

With SchoolMaker's new referral system, your Members can refer your Offers and receive commissions.

The ability to limit the number of devices or sessions a member can have on your school

With this feature you can limit the account sharing on the member side. We set the default to 3 because a member can view your school on 2 computers, and his phone for example.

You can configure the maximum number of sessions or devices in the general options of your school.

The ability to add custom code to your school

You can configure the custom code in the general options of your school which can be very useful to add a FB Pixel or an analytics tool in your school.

The ability to reset your signature as a school owner

As a school owner, you can set up your signature in your profile options.

Easier access to files uploaded by members from the administrator interface

But also

  • Programs: Easy duplication of sections and lessons across your school.
  • Programs: Added the ability to hide the sidebar in lessons.
  • Consultations: Improved user experience for uploading long videos.
  • Shopping cart: Improved the design of the shopping cart, and added a preview for programs.
  • CPF / Qualiopi: Added time spent by members on each program.
  • CPF / Qualiopi: Improvements to member activity tracking and added member disconnect logs.
  • Notifications: Members now receive a notification when they unlock a new lesson via drip.
  • Notifications: You will receive notifications for new sales.
  • Auto Testimonials: Members can now leave testimonials by program rather than for the entire school.
  • Performance: Improved stability and performance of schools.
  • Student Interface Improvement: Due to numerous requests, we have removed the dark blue at the top of the page in the program section for 2 reasons:
  1. To make the school pages more visually consistent, which we have been asked for several times.
  2. To prepare for the color customization feature.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes: Cosmetic bug fixes in the community and programs.
  • 🐞 Bug fix: Fixed email texts and translations.
  • 🐞 Bug fix: Cosmetic bug fix in community and programs.
  • 🐞 Lives: Fixed date issues in lives.
  • 🐞 Text editor: Fixed an automatic line break issue.