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Online courses are changing

People no longer want to pay for “a bunch of videos + an invite to a Slack channel”. They want to change their lives.
SchoolMaker helps your clients get the most out of your courses - so you can get the most out of your business.

Member is overwhelmed

A bunch of videos, Facebook groups, communication tools...
with schoolmaker

Clear steps,
milestones, and goals

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How SchoolMaker

Finally a real
“step by step” program

SchoolMaker allows you to set specific steps for your students to follow at the end of each lesson. And it remembers at which step they left off. You’ll never again get an email asking “What should I do next?”

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Built-in community

Go beyond Facebook / Slack / Discord with your own community built straight into your course.
And with a smart notification system and email reminders, you can encourage insightful conversations (not just “likes” and shallow comments).

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Answer questions at scale with automated video Q&As

Simply the best way to answer everyone’s questions in less than 2 hours a week, even if you have thousands of members.

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Take payments - or use any shopping cart

You can use SchoolMaker to sell programs, coaching, and memberships.
Or you can add members from any checkout software via Zapier. We also integrate natively with ThriveCart and will add more native integration soon (send us your requests!).

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testimonial collection

Trigger a testimonial request as soon as a member reaches a major milestone, like getting their first client.
SchoolMaker even coaches your students through the process so that they can give you the most specific, valuable, and persuasive testimonial.

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I’m seeing a real increase in engagement.
For example, I had a live session on Saturday and there were a lot of questions, even though no one usually wants to talk.
Having a forum helps a lot. They feel like they are part of a group.
Cyril M.
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A better product
gets more sales

Obvious, right? And yet, we spend so much time optimizing our sales funnels, while ignoring gaping holes in the post-purchase experience.
Get more sales

Your prospects are scared of buying a course they won't complete. Prove them that you have everything they need to get them to the finish line.

Maximize upsells

The easiest way to grow your business is to sell more to your existing customers.

Raise your prices

A great looking member’s area, a dynamic community and even a tiny bit of coaching go a long way to raise the perceived value of your course.

Supercharge word-of-mouth

When you change someone’s life, they’ll talk about you for years to come.

Get amazing testimonials

Nothing will boost your sales like awesome testimonials from successful students.

The first feedback from my clients is very positive!
Thanks again for all you’re doing.
I was also able to increase my prices by 20%!
Nicolas L.
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All-in-one is “fine”
unless you want to be great.

Let’s face it: there are so many “all-in-one” tools out there.
You may even already be paying for one.

So why should you use a specialized tool like SchoolMaker?

Because you want to be better.

Those all-in-one tools are lovely. But they can’t be the best everywhere.

And so they tend to focus on the shiny things like sales funnels, landing pages, and order bumps.

The member area is just… there. It’s fine. It works. But it’s not great.

And that’s why we don’t do “all-in-one.”

We’re focused on building the best course platform for advanced creators.

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