Courses that look and feel fantastic

All the features you expect, wrapped in a luxurious package.

Drip courses

Unlock content at predetermined times, based on each student’s start date.

SchoolMaker drip courses
SchoolMaker video hosting for your courses

Host your videos on SchoolMaker

No need for a separate hosting account.

Lessons in any format

Videos, PDFs, text, images: you can teach however you want.

SchoolMaker many formats for your videos (videos, text, PDFs, images)
SchoolMaker Mobile view

Looks great on mobile

You can confidently tell your clients they can access your courses from anywhere.


Check students’ progress with quizzes and see the results right in their profiles.

SchoolMaker quizzes
SchoolMaker questions and answers

Q&A below each lesson

Let your students ask questions straight from each lesson page. The question will link back to that specific lesson, so future members can easily find it and avoid asking the same questions again.

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