SchoolMaker VS. Competitors

See how SchoolMaker stacks up against the competition

Hey there! If you’re deep in the research process of choosing a new platform for your online courses, then you’re probably looking to compare SchoolMaker with other options to figure out whether it might be right for you. To help make this as easy as possible, we’ve put together a detailed overview of how SchoolMaker stacks up to the rest.

Below you’ll find a high level comparison of the main features, links to in-depth profiles of different products, and even a set of cases where SchoolMaker is not the best choice, and recommendations for what might work better!

Podia Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Podia

Your courses are too important to just use a tool that scatter their focus all over the place. SchoolMaker only focuses on one thing, helping you bring amazing results to your students.

Compare to Podia
Teachable Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Teachable

If you’re serious about growing your course business, you need a tool that actually helps your students get better results, not just sell them a bunch of videos.

Compare to Teachable
Thinkific Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Thinkific

Thinkific focuses mainly on course creation. With SchoolMaker, courses are just the beginning, you can also sell communities, coaching, lives, or consultations.

Compare to Thinkific
Kajabi Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Kajabi

With SchoolMaker, get unlimited products, unlimited admins, a user-friendly website for your students and much more!

Compare to Kajabi
Mighty Networks Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks doesn't go deep when it comes to online courses. SchoolMaker not only give you built-in communities, and much more.

Compare to Mighty Networks
Skool Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Skool

SchoolMaker and Skool are similar, but we go the extra mile to help your students get results. And obviously, if you help more people reach their goals, you can make more money.

Compare to Skool Logo

SchoolMaker vs. works well for selling a bunch of videos or e-books, but the online course industry is changing, and this is not enough in the 2020s.

Compare to
LearnyBox Logo

SchoolMaker vs. LearnyBox

LearnyBox is stuck in the 2010s with their antiquated courses and forum. SchoolMaker gives you modern courses, a built-in community, and much more.

Compare to LearnyBox
Sensei LMS Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Sensei LMS

You can tape up Sensei LMS and many other Wordpress plugins for weeks, or you can choose SchoolMaker, and set up a moderb online school with a forum in an afternoon.

Compare to Sensei LMS
Teachizy Logo

SchoolMaker vs. Teachizy

Teachizy is an oboslete course creation platform, and SchoolMaker gives you modern courses, a built-in community, 1-on-1 coaching and much more.

Compare to Teachizy
ClickFunnels Logo

SchoolMaker vs. ClickFunnels

SchoolMaker and Clickfunnels are complementary tools. ClickFunnels is mainly focusing on funnels and selling, while SchoolMaker focuses on delivering results.

Compare to ClickFunnels

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